Mask Fit Testing – Hamilton



Respirator Mask Qualitative Fit Testing from Worksite Safety is a CSA Z94.4 based program that certifies, half-mask and full-face mask fit tests. This Respirator Protection Training session is focused on the importance of proper respirator protection, the selection of the appropriate mask for the workplace, inspection of the mask, proper mask donning and doffing and seal test, cleaning and storage of the masks. We do not facilitate mask fit testing for SCBA or Air Supplied masks.

In order to receive a certificate, the participant must be able to successfully pass the administered taste test requiring the candidates to demonstrate how to properly don/doff the mask, do seal checks, and how to complete general care and maintenance of the respirator.

A candidate is fit tested to a particular make and model of respirator. If the employer changes respirators a new fit test must be done. TheĀ Ontario Ministry of Labour also requires you must be re-certified for respirator mask fit testing every 2 years. Masks are not supplied or available for purchase.

Booking Process:

  1. Select your appointment date and time, then add the number of people to be fit tested to your cart by selecting “Book Now”.
  2. Repeat this process if you require different people or groups to be booked at different times.
  3. Once the purchase is completed, you will be asked to enter the names of the individuals attending or select existing individuals from your account.
  4. You will automatically receive a receipt and confirmation for your booking reservation following your purchase.

Before You Can Be Tested:

  1. You must not smoke, eat, chew gum, drink any liquids (except water) at least 15 minutes prior to the test, to ensure an accurate, successful respirator mask fit test (All types of masks).
  2. Please remove facial jewelry or other items that come between the skin and respirator
  3. You must be clean-shaven 12 to 24 hours before the Respirator Protection Training testing procedure (see Testing Requirements above for more details).
  4. Please bring your own respirator and filters or cartridges to the fit testing.

Candidates with asthma, respiratory conditions, heart conditions, and/or anxiety may or may not be properly fit tested. Candidates are often required to wear the mask for extended periods of time on a job and these conditions may affect the fit test as well. Please inform the instructor if any of your candidates have the above conditions

Appointment Duration: 30 Minutes


Certificate Issued Upon completion of the fit test, participants will be issued a certificate and additional documentation with respiratory fit testing form.
No Charge Cancellation If for any reason you cannot attend the mask fitting class that you have booked, you may contact us three (3) business days prior to your appointment for a full refund.